PPC: Report to parishioners


Report of PPC Meeting on 6 September 2016
An interim chair was elected to serve until January 2017 and dates for the next 4 meetings of the PPC were agreed - 18 October 2016; 15 November 2016; 13 December 2016; and 10 January 2017. Former members of the PPC who were involved in the Parish Prayer Book production attended the meeting and reported on plans for the launch; it was agreed to do this on 2 October 2016. The PPC planning subcommittee reported on the meeting they had held on 28 June 2016; the position at 21 June was confirmed and further detail was added to the plan at that meeting. The PPC accepted the report and there was further discussion on the Pastoral Plan. Preliminary planning for the Parish pilgrimage to the Door of Mercy at St Patrick's Church on 9 October and for the Parish Coming Together (date to be agreed). Members indicated whether they would be attending the Faith and Life Convention on 24 September. 

Report of PPC meeting on 21 June 2016
This was the first meeting of the members who were staying on for their second two-year period and those who were joining the PPC. Fr O'Donnell welcomed the new members and they were then given an update on progress towards the publication of the new Parish Prayer Book (which will be launched in the autumn) and on the Parish Pastoral Plan that was under development during the previous period of office. A sub-committee of two existing members and three new members was nominated to continue with the planning and report back to the next meeting.

Report of PPC meeting on 12 April 2016
This was the final meeting for 6 PPC members who have served on the Council for 4 years. Father O'Donnell thanked them for all their work and achievements including the production of the Parish Welcome Booklet, the establishment of the Parish Coffee Mornings and the Welcoming Team, the new Parish Prayer Book which will be available shortly and the monthly Foodbank collections. The outgoing Chair and members of the PPC wished the remaining members well for their on-going work.

The Pastoral Plan was discussed and 5 broad areas for initial development were agreed. These will be taken forward by the PPC following the appointment of new members. The 5 areas are

(a) Spiritual Development of the PPC
(b) Faith formation
(c) Support for specific needs in the Parish
(d) Ongoing development of the Welcoming Ministry
(e) Development of relationships with and between the many Parish groups.

The PPC also noted the following

(a) There will be no weekday evening Masses in July this year
(b) Mike and Michael Moran's Camino pilgrimage "100 buckets of water" had raised £6000 for clean water projects supported by the Parish Third World Group
(c) The only 2 members of the Parish Apostolic Society are retiring and an effort will be made to identify other parishioners willing to keep on this work.


Report of Parish Pastoral Council meeting on 16 February 2016

The new Parish Prayer book will be launched after Easter.


There are now 34 members on the Welcoming Team and a meeting will held on 25 February to review the work of the Team. It would be particularly helpful to have new members for the vigil and 9am Masses.


The Foodbank collection continues to expand and St Brigid's Parish is the biggest contributor in South Belfast.


A formation programme for potential new members of the Parish Pastoral Council begins on 22 February 2016.


The Council continues to develop its plans to deliver the Parish Vision and Mission.


The next meeting will be on 12 April 2016.


Report of meeting of Parish Pastoral Council on 28 October 2015

Parish "Coming Together" event on 8 October 2015

The Council noted that the event had been very successful with a very inspiring address from Baroness Nuala O'Loan and active participation by all attendees. Nuala O'Loan's address will be published on the parish website together with a report on the discussion. Hard copies will be available in the Church porch. Specific suggestions from 2 parishioners are being followed up.

Parish Welcoming Team

23 people have joined the Team which will begin its ministry on the first Sunday of Advent. A further meeting for interested parishioners will be held after Christmas.


Habitat for Humanity

2 information meetings have been held and a small number of people have expressed an interest in the proposed project in Ethiopia. At least 8 people would be required at a cost of £2000 approximately per person of which £600 would have to be raised for the Habitat project. The air fare plus accommodation costs £1400.

The Council noted that a large number of young parishioners are already involved in Habitat through their schools.


Quick Journey through the Bible

12 people are participating in the programme.


Food Bank

The collections continue to be well supported.


Parish Coffee Mornings/ Bread and Soup Lunch

St Vincent de Paul hosted a very successful Coffee Morning on 18 October.

The Mother and Toddler Group and the Lay Dominicans will host Coffee Mornings in November and January respectively.

The Third World Group Bread and Soup Lunch will be held on 29 November.

Synod on the Family


A link to the recent report can be accessed through:

Search engine Google:  Relatio Synodi






27 August 2015 meeting


The Council noted that collections for the South Belfast Foodbank took place on the first weekends in July and August. In August, sufficient food had been donated to meet the needs of 15 people for 3 days. Collections will continue to be made on the first weekend in each month.

Parish Welcoming Team

The Council agreed that a Welcoming Team would be set up to greet people coming to weekend Masses. It is planned to begin this following completion of the forthcoming work on the Church. A meeting will be held in the Parish Hall at 7.30 on Thursday 15 October 2015 to provide information and guidance for parishioners who wish to participate.

The new Suggestion Box email address continues to be available people who wish to express an interest in participating in the Welcoming Team and for suggestions about pastoral matters in the Parish. To date no messages have been received.


Parish Prayer Book

The Council noted that work was progressing well on the production of the Parish Prayer Book.


Habitat for Humanity

The Council noted that 4 parishioners have expressed an interest in accompanying Windsor Presbyterian Churchin a Habitat for Humanity volunteer team to South America in 2016. Further information will be made available in the bulletin.


Annual Parish "Coming Together"

The Council noted that the event will be held on Thursday 8 October in the Parish Hall beginning at 7.30 and finishing with tea/coffee at 9.30pm. Baroness Nuala O'Loan will speak on the theme "Shades of Mercy in Parish Life".


Next meeting: The next meeting will be held on 30 September 2015.


Tuesday 23 June 2015 Meeting


The Council noted that the first collection for the South Belfast Foodbank took place on the first weekend in June and that sufficient food had been donated to meet the needs of 12 people for 3 days. Collections will continue to be made on the first weekend in each month.


The Council agreed to arrange an Information Meeting in mid-September for parishioners who are interested in finding out about the new Ministry of Welcome and to arrange appropriate training for those who wish to participate. The new Suggestion Box email address is now operational.


The Council noted that some parishioners may accompany Windsor Presbyterian Church as a Habitat for Humanity volunteer team to South America in 2016. Further information will be made available about how to get involved in September.


The Council noted that that new Parish Prayer Book is almost complete and will be issued to the school and to parishioners before the end of the year.


The Council agreed to organise a meeting for all parishioners on the evening of Thursday 8 October 2015.


The next meeting of the Council will take place on Thursday 27 August 2015.