PPC: Report to parishioners


Meeting Held 12 December 2017

The Parish Priest updated members on plans for introducing the World Meeting of Families preparations into the Parish and confirmed that Fr Nicolo Steiner SJ would be attached to the Parish from 18 January 2018 until Easter. There will also be a lecture - Legislating for Life - on 25 January given by Lord David Alton.

Correspondence from two parishioners suggesting that support for older parishioners could be expanded was discussed and a small working group was set up.

The recent meeting of Parish groups on 16 November was reviewed; it was judged a great success and there will be follow up in the form of updating the Parish Welcoming booklet with a new edition.

A member reported on the initial meeting of the South and East Belfast Pastoral Community Forum and the commissioning ceremony on 3 December. Mike Moran has been selected as Chair of the new PCF and Michele Cunnane will also represent St Brigid's on the PCF.

Planning for a bible study course on the Acts of the Apostles and for the next Parish Coming Together was discussed. More details will be discussed at subsequent meetings.