Plans for Reintroduction of Public Masses in St Brigid's

22nd June 2020

Plans for Provision of Public Masses at St Brigid's

You will have heard of relaxations of COVID-19 restrictions in the Republic of Ireland from 29 June 2020. The situation in Northern Ireland is that the move from the facility for private prayer in churches to being able to attend Mass is covered under Stage 4 of the Executive's Recovery Plan:

"A wider range of gatherings permitted including church services subject to social distancing and other suitable mitigations, such as cleaning of hard surfaces."

This stage of the recovery plan has not yet been announced.

Fr O'Donnell and the Parish Pastoral Council are keeping the timings of the change to Stage 4 under active surveillance and are discussing plans for how St Brigid's will reintroduce public Masses under the regulations.

Remember that the obligation to attend Mass on Sundays/Holy Days has been dispensed with during the COVID pandemic.

Guidance and a framework for action in relation to Masses and other liturgies was issued by the Irish Bishops Conference on 9 June 2020 and the plans will be made in relation to that advice. The primary considerations in reintroducing public Masses will be that of maintaining the highest standards of safety and compliance with regulations in Northern Ireland. Of course, we will depend on all of us playing our part in taking responsibility for these aspects.

As the plans for St Brigid's develop we will keep you informed via this website and the Parish Facebook page.

Further updates on the Parish Website will be in the Parish Groups tab at the top.