St Brigid's Third World Group - a message from Fr Neil Magill

2nd July 2021

We wanted to ask all parishioners to pray for the people of Myanmar/Burma who continue to suffer so much.

We have received this message from Fr Neil Magill who many of you know and have supported as one of our regular beneficiaries for many years.

You will remember how we funded him to give one egg a week to poor children which was the only protein they got in their diets.

We also funded his Higher Education Centre which helped bright but poor students to obtain an education which would help them to begin to earn a living and support their families and communities.

But life in Myanmar has been totally devastated by the military coup and only prayer can help these suffering people.

Letter from Fr Neil Magill:

Dear Rosalie and Kevin

Even though Myanmar/Burma has gone off the news the situation worsens by the day. About 900 young people shot dead, 6000 in prison, villages burned, death sentence handed down to hundreds, no covid vaccines, hundreds of thousands hiding in the forests with no food and shelter.

About 2% of population is catholic but military hit 7 churches with rockets and killed women and children who were taking refuge there. 7 priests were arrested.

The ethnic armies are fighting back and now it is a civil war. People cannot travel as military shoot at random.

Our HEC is still closed....too dangerous to have 150 or more young people together.

Thank you. Pray for Myanmar.